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> Hi,
> Le mercredi 16 mars 2005 à 20:43 -0800, Hal V Engel a écrit :
> > Tried to install the plugin but I am having some problems.  It appears
> > that the normal ./configure && make  && make install does not work
> Yes, the program don't use the classic autotools. But it is planed.
> > So I did a make and this appeared to work so I did a
> > make install which also appeared to work.  But when I try to use the
> > plugin in GIMP 2.2.3 it is grayed out.
> Sorry, I forgot to say that GREYCstoration only work on picture in RGB
> mode (convert your picture in menu Image > Mode > RGB). It also support
> RGBA (with alpha channel), but the channel isn't modified.

OK this helps.  I was trying to use it on a gray scale image.

> > I am running Gentoo Linux 2004.3 on an amd64 machine configured as a
> > x86_64 machine (IE. 64 bit code).  Not sure if that matters so I thought
> > I should give you this info in case it does.
> I don't know. You will tell me ;-)

It appears to not work.  I got the following error message about 2/3 of the 
way through the process:

"GIMP Message

Plug-in "greycstoration"

requested invalid drawable (killing)"

The image was not a small one (2650x2309) and this message was after about 6 
minutes of processing.  I used the default settings that the tool opens up 
with.  So I am not sure if this is a general bug or an amd64 specific 
problem.  Also I don't think the preview was working as I could not see any 
difference no matter how I set the controls.  

Most of the images I would use something like on are older photos that I have 
scanned from large format negatives as gray scale images.  These tend to be 
large images (15 to 20 megapixel).  I have been using Neat Image on Windows 
for this and it can take 10 to 15 minutes to process a single image.  So I 
don't mind this taking a while to process the image if it finishes and does a 
good job.  

You might want to have a look at Neat Image to get some ideas about how to 
implement your user interface.   They have a somewhat cripple demo version 
that you can download for free.   It has a step that, with the help of the 
user, analyzes the image and gives a starting point for fine adjustments.  It 
is by far the most powerful tool I have used for this to date.  If you can 
come close to this level of power with a GIMP plug-in that would be one less 
thing I need Windows for and I would be one step closer to not needing 
Windows at all. 


> ---
> Laxminarayan Kamath & Hal V Engel : Why don't you answer in Gimp mailing
> list ?

Since I was asking for advice that might have been specific to my situation I 
contacted you off list.  But perhaps I should have stayed on list.

> Bye, Haypo
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