Hello, I am working on a plugin to allow another application I'm
working on to run gimp instead of the user.  The idea is a 3d painter
application that can make use of all the gimp tools but through a 3d
view instead of the normal 2d texture.  I already have implemented
enough to use the pencil remotely.

My question is, is there any alternate way to use the tools other then
the gimptools methods?  The problem is I want to see updates as the
user does things, and to do that I need to be continuously passing
information to the plugin, but because the tools count each call to
gimp_pencil for example as an undo able operation undo becomes pretty
useless.  A way to do the operations but not remember it for undo
until I say would be a possible solution.

One other thing I noticed is even if I queue all data from the user
exactly as inputted I don't get enough input points from gtk to
provide smooth lines.  I assume gimp is interpolating between the
points it gets in order to get the smooth effect, is there a way for
the plugin to use this or will I need to do this myself?

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