Andrei Simion wrote:

> I haven't downloaded anything from so I didn't know the 
> binaries come from other entities. I haven't intended to be 
> disrespectful; if so, please accept my apologies.

IMO you should at least have read it carefully...
Some things don't fit here - on the one hand you're insisting on having
everything tested, on the other hand you seem to be a bit sloppy when
checking the sources (not the source code) where the things actually come

> But let's go back to my problem. There's a swap file increase every time 
> I run a Perl script that creates an image on the GIMP 1.2. I tried to 
> delete the image at the end of my script, just to see if the swap file 
> stops increasing. The result was negative. I cannot change the OS on the 
> server (I have other services running) and everything should be tested. 
> I have to stick on Red Hat.
> The question is whether you have encountered such a problem (swap file 
> increase).
> I hope everything is clear now.

Well, lets clear it up:

- GIMP 1.2 is not longer maintained (even GIMP 2.0 isn't)
- there will be no changes to GIMP 1.2 anymore, and thus no further releases
- if you're still using 1.2, your're basically on your own

Compiling 2.2 yourself and testing it (if you don't have test cases, it
would be a good idea to make some up with the current setup) is the best
method to ensure it works fine. I'm actually a bit surprised that you'd rely
on others to test the software you're using - do you want to blame someone
else if it fails?


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