Hi all,

A separate mail to talk about what we can do with the money we have now. It is certainly enough to start planning a GIMPCon, if someone is willing to put the work into doing that.

If we do plan a GIMPCon, though, I would recommend being a little more open about it than the summit type events which we had in Berlin and at GUADEC. We should try to organise a couple of days of talks and demos open to the public, and why not get some Inkscape, Scribus, OO Draw and Blender people involved and make it a Free Graphics Con.

One candidate, if people are interested, would be to join up with Blender Con, which is planned for October, in Amsterdam.

Just to be clear, I am not in a position to put time into this. If we are to have a GIMPCon this year, someone else will have to organise it. I have no problem being an intermediary with the GNOME Foundation for money, though.


David Neary

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