Greetings!  I am a student at UNT and one of my classes focuses on the
Free Software movement, licensing, and more.  I am doing a paper on GIMP
which I had the pleasure of using 4 years ago at my former job.  We were
advised to interview the creators of the project that we picked.  I know
that the original guys - Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis - are no
longer involved in the project.  However, GIMP seems to be an active
project with lots of contributors so I am going to give these two lists
a shot.  If you would like to respond to any of the simple questions
below, please email me directly.  Thank you so much for any input you
can provide.  I look forward to sharing the joys of GIMP with my
What about GIMP drew you to the project?
In what ways have you used GIMP?
In what ways have you contributed to the project?
With so many features already included in GIMP, where do you see the
project heading next?
What testing is done prior to a release of a new version that is not a
Has the agenda for the GIMPCon 2005 been created?  If so, anything you
can share?
Are you involved in other free software projects?
Stacy L. Creel

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