On Thursday 21 April 2005 04:17 am, Hal Engel wrote:
> If we do plan a GIMPCon, though, I would recommend being a little more
> open about it than the summit type events which we had in Berlin and at
> GUADEC. We should try to organise a couple of days of talks and demos
> open to the public, and why not get some Inkscape, Scribus, OO Draw and
> Blender people involved and make it a Free Graphics Con.

If you are going to do a "Free Graphics Con" there are other projects that
should also be involved. I would include CinePaint, Hugin, autopano-SIFT,
panotools and enblend in the list of graphics projects to invite. There
might be other projects that should be included as well.

Be sure to add them to the list of people you invite (once you're pretty sure that the main GIMP developers can be there). If you want to get in touch with Ton let me know and I'll pass you his e-mail address.


David Neary
Lyon, France

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