I just need no one to dissent from me researching, so I will assume that no one has.

Basically I am looking to find out how an open source software community starts and the hierarchy it has created. To that end I would like to interview the founders (which it is my understanding it will be hard to get ahold of them), a few higher level developers, and a few people who just dabble. I want to see why people start them and contribute to them. I will be writing up a set of questions that it would be great if a few people could answer. I will send out a link to that in the near future. Thanks to those of you who have shown interest, and to those of you who haven't replied to me yet, I would love to have your thoughts also, even if you don't have time to answer all of my questions. I will make my findings available to all of you if you are interested in what my final paper is about.


On Apr 30, 2005, at 4:23 PM, Michael Schumacher wrote:

Ansel Witthaus wrote:


I need to obtain approval from you and the people I interview within
the project before I can continue.

Thanks for asking.
There is no one in a position to explicitely give or deny you the
permission to write a paper about The GIMP, though, so if the policy of
your research project requires explicit permission, you gotta change the
rules :)

Let's hope many people want to participate.

HTH, Michael

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