On 5/7/05, Akkana Peck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I haven't seen anything in a while about the menu reorganization
> which was proposed a while back.
> One thing I'd like to see is getting script-fu and python-fu items
> out of separate menus and integrating them into the regular menus,
> so users don't have to know what language something was written in
> to find it.

I very much agree.
> - Put the Alchemy scripts under Artistic.  They're not really
>   Artistic but they do vaguely similar things.

While some of the Alchemy scripts work fine under Artistic, for some
of them, "Alchemy" really is a better choice.
> I ended up with 2 more items under Filters than are there now.
> Admittedly that's still a lot; some of these could be combined,
> but since it's only two more items and I was trying to change as
> little as possible, I didn't try.

That's ripe for another proposal. :)

> I only looked briefly at Xtns.  Really, I think that menu is fine

The big problem is Xtns is that the menu has no real purpose.  It's
just a junk drawer for things that don't fit under "File" or "Help".

> except that again I'd get rid of the language menus, and put the
> script-fu stuff under Render.  That seemed so simple that I didn't
> bother to write that up as a proposal.

I'd put the script-fu stuff under File as Render New, since it creates
new images.
> So here's my proposal.  Does it look reasonable?  I tried to compare
> it both to the existing menus in 2.2.6 (haven't compared with CVS
> yet) and to the proposal on the wiki, but things got confused with
> the re-editing I needed to do so I might have missed something.
> I'm willing to do some work to make this happen, if people agree
> that it should happen and if it's not too late to get it in for 2.4.
> I think most of the work involves tweaking script-fu and python-fu
> registration routines.  

I say go for it!

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