I dont know where should I ask for this problem. (so sorry, if I ask at
the wrong place)

The problem is, that for windows there is several GTK installer packages

At the Gimp for windows site:

At Tor Lillqvist site:

At Glade for Windows site:

At the gaim site:

Since many application have invidual gtk installer or, is it already
packed with the software, I think it would be really good, to have one
installer for windows. 

I think the best choice is at gladewin32 site, because there are two
different installer: one with glade and one without it (just gtk).

(Many application use libglade, and porting it to windows require glade
for win)

There is a possibility to avoiding this duplicating work? So having just
one installer for windows.

The other problem is, that these installers are incompatible one which
another. (cant update automatically. It must uninstall the older version

Best regards, 

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