On Thu, May 19, 2005 at 08:51:03AM +0200, Jan Olof wrote:
> Hello! I wonder if the macro recorder will be implemented soon in Gimp?
> I guess that it would be good if it generates Scheme script code. 
> It would be very great if there was possible to use a macro on every
> picture in the GAP image range. 
> Could I contribute in some way? I'm a college educated software
> engineer.
>     // Best Regards Jan-Olof Jansson
i learned yesterday that gimp-gap installed this in my gimp.

there are also some similar things available in the gimp-perl module.
not everything that is included in the gimp-perl module gets registered
with TheGIMP.  it is probably scripts in need of updating.

i have not spent much time looking in the gimp-gap tree.


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