I was looking at version 2.3 and was pleased to notice lots of little
details that have been polished or tweaked.

For no particular reason I noticed some of the plugins have an About
dialog and since the GIMP requires gtk 2.6 I started about getting them to
use the GTK_STOCK_ABOUT button and the standard gtk about dialog.

I spent quite a while checking which applications use an about dialog and
the list was extremely short:
Fractal Explorer
(Gfig used to but doesn't at least not in version 2.3)

Rather than getting these applications to use the new GTK About dialog I
also considered removing the about dialog entirely (the information is
still availalbe from the Plugin database if anyone wants it).  However I
didn't think this was a change developers would be eager to make and
wasn't going to bother suggesting it until I read this existing comment by
Sven which suggested completely removing the about dialog from the Fractal

So would it be acceptable to remove the about button and dialog from both
Fractal Explorer and Gimpressionist?  If it is I'll file a request and try
and provide a patch at some stage.  Either way ImageMap should probably
use the gtk stock about dialog, so I'll give that a try for starters.


- Alan H.
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