the GIMP developers are proud to announce the new version of the GIMP User
Manual GIMP (0.8). Please keep in mind that this release is intended for
developers and interested users for reading. 

The release can be downloaded from:


For more information about our project and helping us, you can visit our
project page at:


The manual includes a lot of improvemnts by our docwriters and

    * spelling fixes for almost every translation
    * Beginning of Italian and Dutch translation
    * stylesheet fixes: CSS, HTML and DB2LaTeX driver files
    * XML validity fixes for french and swedish
    * Makefile overhaul
    * a new Hacking styleguide

contributions from Sven Neumann, Cai Quian, Daniel Egger, Julien
Hardelin, Jakub Friedl, Robert van Drunen, Karine Delvare, David
Klementa, Xceals, Axel Wernicke, Roman Joost, Øyvind Kolås

Thanks and Happy GIMPing!
Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de

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