[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-05-21 at 1700.27 +0200):
> Another image manipulation program, which GIMP is frequently being
> compared to, uses the Space key to offer the functionality that GIMP
> has bound to the middle mouse button: panning the image display. Since
> not everyone has a middle mouse button (especially on tablet pens), it

Last tablets I tried (not tablet pc, but the input device ones) seem
to have tip and two side buttons (so MB1, MB2 and MB3 as per X11 terms
are avaliable). OTOH, I am talking about the typical brand of tablets,
dunno other brands.

As is, it is just moving from MB2 to MB1+Space, so requires two hands
and still moves the pointer. Only adventage I see is when there is no
MB2 at all (single button devices without any option to simulate other

> might be a good idea to follow that example. If we did that, pressing
> Space would keep the current tool but the cursor would change to a
> hand symbol and one could drag the image display (not the content!)
> using the mouse.
> Any opinions on that, anyone?

So I wonder... are there other better uses? Alternate between two
tools for example? Or would there be a way to make it configurable, so
anyone can bind any function to it (I ask due the "only while pressed"
vs "press & release", and the lack of "move view" tool)?

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