hi everone around
i have an idea for a new plugin for gimp. i may not be able explain it very well. but for those who wuold understand it would be nice..
the idea is about rotation of a selection..
what we have now is that the entire selection itself gets rotated..i.e if you rotate an oval selection with minor axis 'a' and major axis 'b' , 'a' along y direction and 'b' along x direction. by 90degrees. after rotation b would be along y and a would be along x.
what i would say that if we could have an option such that only the content inside the selection rotate and not the selection itself wouldnt that be great something new in an image editing software i dont thnk the closest rivals of GIMP have that option yet ..
for those who might not have understood what i mean here is the image of what i wanted to say...

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