YG Wang wrote:
The color quantization in GIMP is high-quality. Can you tell me which
algorithm it is? Thanks a lot!

It resembles a common axis-aligned box-cut (I tried
many, many alternatives and just kept coming back to an
axis-aligned box-cut for simplicity).  It has various
changes over a median box cut though, in how it chooses
which box to cut and then how it actually cuts it.  For
example the position of the cut is carefully considered,
the axis of the cut is very carefully considered, and
(most unusually I suspect) it may choose to perform
multiple even cuts of the same box along the an axis
to keep the error even across the axes of the resulting
boxes.  Finally (and quite significantly, but not
a property of the algorithm as such) the quantization
occurs in L*a*b* space instead of the common RGB-alike.

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