>When people refer to the selection I would like >to make it clear that you
>are distorting the image (contents of the >selection) rather than the
>selection (the shape of the selection), but I >understand it can be
>difficult to explain these things clearly.  This >is essentially a
>distortion and hasn't much to do with the >selection.

>Such an effect can be achieved by creating an >Elliptical selection and
>then using the Perspective tool to invert and >distort or rotate the
>selection as desired.
the ellipse was just an example
my idea ws to extend it  to all desired shapes
>It should be possible to automate the process >using a script or a plug-in
>if a programmer was interested enough to do >it.
well i create that if somebody would teach me the basics of the gimp code i mean how to get access to different things in gimp using code
Lakminarayan kamaths idea of the use of keyboard shortcuts sound really good.... why not create somethinglike that..

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