Dear Gimp-Developer-Community!

I am new to this list and also to Gimp development so please excuse me
if this question is trivial or out-of-topic.

We have developed a foreground extraction algorithm that improves
substantially over  Magic Wand (Photoshop) and also the tool that is
inside GIMP. It could be compared to Microsoft Grabcut, but it is a
lot faster because our approach was originally intended for video
segmentation. A Java 1.4 based demonstration Applet can be found at:

I want to make this available as a GIMP Plugin, but my problem is that
(as you can see in the demonstration) sometimes it requires the user
to make multiple selections (region of interest and several foreground

I just cannot figure out how to model this in GIMP, as it seems to
allow only one selection per Plugin-call.

Any help out there from experienced Plug-In or Gimp-developers?
Gerald Friedland

Gerald Friedland         Raum 164       Tel: ++49 (0)30/838-75134
Freie Universität Berlin Takustr. 9
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