[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-06-01 at 1522.03 +0100):
> > > This is intentional - google for "reply to considered harmful".
> > This might have been of concern years ago, before people were used to
> > mailing lists which do set the Reply-to header. Nowadays, I'd say that the
> > opposite is true, since setting the Reply-to header seems common practice
> > (at least if I look at the mailing lists I'm following, there are only 2
> > that don't set the header).
> The problem is still the same.
> It is better to accidentally mail only one person and need to resend to
> the list than it is to accidentally send mail to many people.

After seeing this talk many times in many lists I think the issue is
"dumb mail apps considered harmful".

Instead of bringing up the thing about reply-to again and again, use
mail apps that understand the concept of mailing list. Some apps had
that feature for some time already so it must not be so hard to
implement, and in some cases it could even be auto detected based in
headers (wow, and solve the unsubscribe problem too when you are at
it). If the app you like does not, fill a bug. I guess it will be
easier than convicing every mailing list admin.

When there is a button or function that is reply list and other reply
person, how the list is set does not matter.

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