> Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> "Phil Lello" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >    On Windows XP, the file manager interface allows 
> graphics files to be
> >    browsed by thumnails. I'm looking into using the
> >
> >    GIMP thumbnail library to add support for formats Windows doesn't
> >    already handle (e.g. Targa).
> If by GIMP thumbnail library you are refering to 
> libgimpthumb, then I have to disapoint you. All this library 
> does is to implement the Free Desktop thumbnail managing 
> standard. It is up to the user to create the thumbnails.
> And GIMP doesn't provide a library you easily could use to 
> make it's file loading plug-ins available to the window file 
> manager. But perhaps I am just misunderstanding what you are 
> trying to achieve?
> Sven

Yes, you understand what I meant. I'd had a flick through the 2.0 API
which says "[gimp_thumbnail_load_thumb ()] Attempts to load a thumbnail
preview for the image associated with thumbnail".

So I thought I could use this library as a generic way to get a bitmap
from a graphics file, and do my own scaling as appropriate.

As this is not the case, I'll write my own Targa-specific solution for
now, since this is all I'm after.

Has anyone looked at building a generic image load/save library for GIMP
in the past? I'll look into doing this unless I hear some convincing
reasons not to....


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