Hi, A while back I tried out a plugin for the gimp called Gimp-Verse
For those of you who dont know about verse, its a way to collaberate on multimedia/3d projects transparently over a network.. This plugin allowed the Gimp to edit data and have it visible in 3d over a network realtime.
See- to get the idea

Anyhow, I tried to get this working but compiler issues various other things stoped me from getting verse-gimp up and running.

I ended up with a very hackish solution that involved taking screenshots of the Gimps image window and reloading the file in Blender (3d application) 10 times a second, but this is far from Ideal.

A Nice inbetween solution would be to have some plugin that stored an image's tile cache as a flat image file (bmp/tif any format would do) WHen the tile cache was updated, the image would be updated on the hard disk. There would be lots of other issues to deal with- Like which resolution of tile cache to use, but Basicly All Im interested in is an updated image- Even if it changes to match teh view resolution, or some parts dont update of there off screen..

This would allow editing in a 3d application and painting at the same time which is very usefull.

Any suggestions?

Oh, by the way, only basic C coding experience, good with Python tho.
- Cam

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