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> Subject: Re: Akanna Menu patch [was Re: [Gimp-developer] The GUADEC
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> Alan Horkan wrote:
> > I really like the idea of providing information about menu items but not
> >
> >the proposed implementation.  The way many other Gnome and GTK give the
> >information applications do is to show a description of a menu item in the
> >status bar.  Perhaps the existing short description/summary/blurb in most
> >plugins could potentially be repurposed for this, what do you think?

> Most users will invoke items from the menu and won't care what carries
> out the action (ie. plug-in, or script) so I don't feel the menus should
> provide any such information.

If all else fails trial and error is an adequate way to learn more about
what the various scripts and plugins do.

> What would be useful is for the Procedural Browser to include the menu
> path as is currently done in the plug-in browser.

This would be somewhat helpful but ..

> While working on Script-Fu/Tiny-Fu scripts I often use the browser to
> determine which PDB call I need to use for a given task.

What I do sometimes is leave an image open and then in the Script-Fu
Console to find it value I use
and then pass that to the functions I want to try out.

The proposed Logo/script browser[1] in bug 158980 might be able to make
this process even easier and apply a function to a current image.

(I made a really awful attempt at this using the Python based PDB
Browser and by passing dummy values to get plugins to pop up)


Alan Horkan

[1] Full Link to bug 158980

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