Kevin Cozens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Most users will invoke items from the menu and won't care what carries
> out the action (ie. plug-in, or script) so I don't feel the menus
> should provide any such information. What would be useful is for the
> Procedural Browser to include the menu path as is currently done in
> the plug-in browser.

The procedure browser is just that, a procedure browser. There is no
point in adding a menu path there since a procedure doesn't
necessarily have a menu path associated with it. This is functionality
that the Menu Browser is supposed to offer.

> To provide some indication as to the origin of a plug-in or script
> listed in one of the browsers without cluttering the browser window it
> could be done via a word (or two?) in brackets at the end of the line
> which indcates the type of the entry. After Temporary Procedure or
> GIMP Plug-in you could have (in brackets) Core, Perl, Python,
> Script-Fu, or Tiny-Fu (for example). For plug-ins written in C adding
> a word in brackets at the end could be skipped. It may only be useful
> for items registered by scripting plug-ins.

Sorry, but GIMP also doesn't know what language the procedure is
written in. Such a framework would first have to be added and I don't
see it as particularily useful.

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