Dave Neary wrote:

> Add these two bounties to www.gnome.org (module gnomeweb-wml in GNOME
> CVS, directory www.gnome.org/bounties edit bounties.xml, run

Done. Well, would have been nice if you had specified the amount,
category, and funder.

> mono build.exe

Hm, doesn't run on Win32 with .NET. Ok, maybe someone else will do this,
the file is committed.

> for i in *.php; do php $i > ${i#php}html; done

Why does the build.exe not do this? Why wasn't the whole thing done in
PHP? Why isn't this done on the server?

> cvs add files which need adding
> cvs ci

Not done, see above.

Back out my change if needed, I'm pretty upset now because of this
little thing being so complicated.


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