Leon Brooks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This may seem like an oxymoron, given GIMP's heavy defacto relationship 
> with GNOME-flavoured GTK, but is there any GIMP equivalent to 
> OpenOffice's KDE integration (http://kde.openoffice.org/)?

GIMP is not a GNOME application, it uses GTK+, the GIMP toolkit. This
is by chance the same toolkit that GNOME uses, so integration with
GNOME is easier to achieve. That doesn't mean though that we wouldn't
try to make GIMP work well on KDE. GIMP supports most of the
cross-platform specs that the KDE and GNOME people are developing to
make this happen. What is missing to achieve better KDE integration is
someone who tests GIMP on KDE, gives feedback and points out what's
working and where there are problems.

> I am guessing that a "zero overhead" (at least for GTK, I'd envision 
> this as a 1:1 mapping using #defines) toolkit mapping layer at the 
> source-code level would make "ports" for Qt/KDE, Carbon, wxWidgets or 
> whatever considerably easier. Then there'd be only alternative shims to 
> maintain, not a whole raft of debris integrated with The GIMP proper, 
> and toolkit bugs would all be located in very few files.

I very much doubt that such a layer could be created.

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