Boudewijn Rempt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Basically, there are no problems at all. Not a single one. The
> incompatibility betweeen Gnome and KDE applications is much
> exaggerated. Sure, KDE apps take a little longer to startup on
> Gnome, and vice versa, but, well, you cannot expect each desktop to
> preload each others configurations. Everything works just fine and
> dandy.

Good to hear. But does it really all work well? What aboout DND, the
clipboard? Do images opened in GIMP show up in the KDE recent
documents list? Does Konqueror show the thumbnails we created? Can I
drag a layer out of the development version of GIMP and drop it into
KOffice? Does Klipper support the Clipboard Management Specification?

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