Bill Kendrick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'd love it if Gimp used KDE's file dialogs.  The new Gimp one is
> quite annoying, compared to both the older Gimp file dialogs and the
> latest KDE ones.

Asking the GIMP developers to implement native file selection dialogs
is just silly. The new GTK+ file-chooser was designed in a way that
allows for platform-specific implementations. If you really think that
the file-chooser needs to be integrated better with KDE, then you can
write a KDE-specific GtkFileChooser implementation. There is nothing
that would have to be changed in GIMP.

And, you aren't seriously trying to argue that the new GtkFileChooser
would be worse than the old file selection widget, are you? That used
to be the case with the early implementations but certainly not with
the latest GTK+ 2.6 releases. The file dialog is getting better and
better with each release.

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