On Saturday 18 June 2005 09:08, Sven Neumann wrote:
> What aboout DND, the clipboard?

Reporting on GIMP 2.2.7 under KDE 3.4.1.

DND from GIMP does not work. The cursor changes but nothing happens if I 
drop onto (e.g.) KMail. Konqueror asks for a name, then turns a layer 
into a 2-byte file (0x0034, for the curious).

DND to GIMP works, the result is a new image.

Copy and Paste works both ways, at least for a whole image. Haven't 
tried things like masks or layers.

> Do images opened in GIMP show up in the KDE recent documents list?


> Does Konqueror show the thumbnails we created?


> Can I  drag a layer out of the development version of GIMP and drop
> it into KOffice?

Don't know about a development version, but not with this one.

> Does Klipper support the Clipboard Management Specification? 

Klipper can crash The GIMP, but doesn't seem to be able to meaningfully 
interact with it otherwise.

Cheers; Leon

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