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> > You should really accept that, even if it works for you, and even if you
> > cannot understand it.
> I do accept that

For some reaosn I cna hardly believe that after reading your original
posting. You simply show no sign of understanding for the preferences
other people have, as if one-size-fits-all would be the perfect solution.

> but I would like people to point out exactly what
> problems they have instead of just saying that they dislike the new
> dialogs.

... but people do that. And you tell them this is the gimp and not the
right place to do that. This is contradictory.

> Without detailed complaints we can't do anything to improve
> the situation.

Well, let's make an example (this has been said before):

"I would like to have the file open and save dialogs work the same as the
ones in gtk+-1.0, with typing paths into the dialog and tab completion".

If you want details then "exactly as in gtk+-1.0" should suffice, because
that dialog simply worked. No extra window, no slow extra popups that you
have to wait for, no fancy and distracting _hiliting_, no stealing of the
current selection etc. etc. Basically I want to be able to blindly enter
paths as I could with gimp-1.0, press enter and presto - saved or loaded,
with no other die effects.

Now, lots of people want other things, for example bookmarks etc. I don't,
and some others don't either. There is great diversity. I am not even able
to find out wether the file dialog I would like to have is even remotely
compatible with the file dialogs other people want to have. I can only say
that nice features I found both cool and supportive have been removed, and
not been put back in, with the new file dialogs.

I am not telling you to go and "fix" it (it ain't even broken!). Other
features have been removed or made more difficult or different to use as
well and it seems the majority of users found this an improvement. I can
live with that.

What I simply find annoying is this "there is no problem" attitude. I
would find a "there are problems, but we will not go back to that for the
very few users who liked it" attitude much much better.

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