From: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 00:40:37 +0200

   > If you want details then "exactly as in gtk+-1.0" should suffice,
   > because that dialog simply worked. No extra window, no slow extra
   > popups that you have to wait for, no fancy and distracting
   > _hiliting_, no stealing of the current selection
   > etc. etc. Basically I want to be able to blindly enter paths as I
   > could with gimp-1.0, press enter and presto - saved or loaded,
   > with no other die effects.

   Perhaps you should stop looking at the dialog and just blindly
   enter paths. It works surprisingly well.

Did this change in GTK 2.6?  In GTK 2.4, I tried doing precisely
that.  I typed ctrl-O while in an image named "colors4.tif"; I tried
to type "skier.tif<enter>" and got another copy of colors4.tif.  I
don't much mind blindly entering paths, as long as I can see what I'm
typing in case I make a mistake.

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