On Mon, 20 Jun 2005, Robert L Krawitz wrote:

> Adding a simple file (text) entry box with tab completion (and a
> preference to turn on autocompletion) would, IMHO, solve virtually all
> of the problems.

Or just make the current system work better. In my installation you can 
type in a filename, one just need to add tab-completion to it and make it 
support full paths. For example, I want to just be able to type /tmp and 
press enter and then the dialog changes to that dir. I can't do that 

As I said, I don't know what happend in later versions of gtk then what is
in FC3, it might already be improved (you can always hope :-).

> The ctrl-L popup has lots of problems; not only is it not apparent how
> to get to it (there's nothing that points at ctrl-L), but it's very
> clumsy to use (you have to type ctrl-L, type in the filename -- while
> having to deal with its quirks -- and then click OK twice).

No one say that the CTRL-L is any good. It's just a workaround for those
of us that are used to tab completion, until we have something better. I 
hope it can work as explained above in the future.
> and find the one I want).  As far as images go, I currently have about
> 70 directories with images (65 subdirectories for my digital camera,
> and some miscellaneous ones).

Maybe you need one bookmark to the parent and not 65 bookmarks to all 

> Navigating through all of this is a real pain; the ones I'm most
> interested in I simply memorize.

Right, and I make bookmarks of the places I use the most.

Anyway, what I said was just that going back to the old dialog removes the
bookmark feature that I use a lot. So no matter if you use the new or old
dialog one of us will be unhappy. Not that going back seems to be an 
option, but if it was I would be against it.


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