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> On Tuesday, June 21, 2005, 1:02:34, Sven Neumann wrote:
> >> No, it does not at all work surprisingly well. It is *extremely*
> >> slow, it hinders, it flickers, it destroys the selection, it pops up
> >> a window. It feels like an ugly kludge and certainly does not wor
> >> "surprisingly well".
> > I cannot reproduce most of your problems. At least not from this
> > description. If you want to be taken seriously, then please come up
> > with serious descriptions and make sure that comprehensive and useful
> > bug reports exist for them.
> I definitely can - typing paths in the Ctrl+L dialog looks like this to me:
> type a drive letter and :, see them both appear while typing, continue
> typing, but see no feedback for several seconds while it's checking the
> files - the native Win32 dialog boxes show the autocomplete list both much
> faster, and doesn't interfere with my input even when it takes a few seconds
> for the list to appear.
> I'll write a more complete list of the things that bother me in the file
> dialog in the evening.

Hi Jernej,
I believe you missed the type-ahead functionality:


Some notes about the video which may not be obvious - the focus issues
are history and the dialog accepts input even if you clicked on the
shortcuts. At one point I messed up and entered the wrong directory. I
used the nautilus shortcut alt+up to go up.

The new file dialog is a pleasure to use to me, mainly because of the
bookmarks. I spend less time browsing deep hierarchies and achieve
file-related tasks faster than I used to. 


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