On Wed, 22 Jun 2005, Sven Neumann wrote:

> keyboard focus. In Inkscape it doesn't have the focus initially so you
> need to press tab several times before you can start to use the
> entry. As soon as you tab into the entry, your keyboard focus is
> grabbed there (well, there's Ctrl-Tab to get out of an entry but we
> aren't really improving on discoverability here...).

In the gtk2 dialog when you start to type you get a popup entry widget 
where you can only type in entries that are in the current file list.

>From a user perspective I don't see any drawbacks if one could type in any 
path in that entry box, with tab completion. Currently this popup entry 
box is tied to TreeView and I don't know how easy it is to customize, but 
it's all part of gtk so anything can be changed.

For the popup entry box TAB doesn't need to work to jump to another widget 
since it's a popup. It's one level above the other widgets and a proper 
way to get out if it is to press escape.

I want to just be able to start with gimp and press these buttons

CTRL-O    <- open dialog
/tmp      <- ends up in the popup entry and you can use TAB-completion
ENTER     <- show the temp directory in the dialog


/tmp/foo.png    <- here I used tab-completion :-)
ENTER           <- dialog closes and image is opened

In this last example one could also have it just select the filename and
then you press enter again to open it. That's a cleaner design but one
might sacrifice that for speed since the above is fairly clear also.

Very little typeing and I don't see that it will interfer with the 
current behaviour. This would also replace the CTRL-L stuff so it can be 
forgotten once and for all.

There is a small drawback in that the popup entry is a TreeView feature,
that work in a lot of treeviews to select an entry. Here it will work in a
different way. But I don't really see that as a problem since the new
behaviour is a proper superset of the current behaviour.


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