Leon Brooks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I usually work from "unprocessed" into "processed" directories, so does 
> my sister-in-law (who taught herself, so my input isn't a 
> consideration). My wife doesn't, but would if she felt comfortable 
> enough about the rest of the computer (she just about lost it trying to 
> cope with XP's idiosyncrasies a few weeks ago, despite entering that 
> experience believing that "Windows is easier" than what she was using 
> (KDE)) _or_ if The GIMP made it easier.
> To really underscore the "I am not a voice in the wilderness" point, I 
> also watched over the shoulder of two different people GIMPing stuff at 
> LCA2005, and they both worked the same way (one of them grumbled about 
> it at the time, less after I pointed out that he could make and dispose 
> of "bookmarks" on the fly).

Bookmarks do indeed work very well for this but they are obviously
not the ideal solution.

I don't really see how we could possible improve this. If I open
the Save As dialog on an image that already has a filename, then
I definitely expect the file-chooser to come up with this filename
preselected. Everything else would, IMO, be a major source of

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