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Subject: Re: [Gimp-developer] Integrated Scripting

> I've used plenty of applications where the Windows menu does
> double-duty, with the kinds of windows that can be opened, followed by
> a separator, followed by the current open windows.  Come to think of
> it, I'd say the only apps that I've used that don't do it that way are
> ones were all the windows are the same kind, anyway.

> > what windows/dialogs are shown or not shown but in this case it is not at
> > all pratical.
> At least to me, the View menu is for stuff that affects this
> particular view of this particular image, not dialogs and windows
> unrelated to it.

Some simpler applications use the View items globally so that if you turn
off the View of the status bar the next window will not have a statusbar
but already open windows will remain unaffected.  (this is a
simplification I'd like to seem more applications make use of, but it
slightly reduceds flexibility so I have been reluctant to suggest it for
the gimp)

> > > And we should actually consider to add a Windows menu that lists all
> > > open GIMP windows.
> >
> > Listing all the open window list might help reduce the requests for a
> > tabbed interface to the gimp many of which seem to be due to difficulties
> > in managing lots of open windows.
> That would be a nice feature to have, but I don't think it would be a
> complete substitution for tabs.

I'm not a fan of tabs.  All too often the task list and window management
are being reinvented for every app.  My comment was basically a bit of a
pot shot at Tabbed interfaces (a lot of users want them everywhere because
they work well in the web browser) and encouragement to anyone who might
want to implement the feature because I do agree it is a useful feature.


- Alan H.

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