On Fri, Jun 24, 2005 at 09:48:37PM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> You can't even use the mouse to go further up from your Home directory
> since the Home directory (and others like Desktop) are being rerooted.
> They are basically a root of the directory tree without a parent node.
> Please note that I haven't claimed that this is a good idea.

Windows (most native apps, that is) does this, as well, with the Desktop

On the one hand, it's helpful because I keep most active projects accessible
from my desktop, and can just click the "Up" button numerous times.

In many cases, I can event hit Shift-Tab twice, then hit Space repeatedly
to get from {wherever I am by default} to the desktop.  Obviously, though,
a plain "Desktop" button would make sense, but apparently MS didn't think of

However, in SOME cases, once I hit Space once, the "Up" button loses focus,
and I'm typing spaces into some other widget.  (This seems to happen in
'folder selector' dialogs, which look almost identical to 'file selector'
dialogs in Windows.)

Honestly, if I could simply "Up" to the root of the filesystems in Windows,
that would be best.  Oops, but oh wait, it has this archaic (wait, modern?)
concept of drive letters, so I guess above "C:\" I'd need to be taken to
"My Computer".

Ugh.  Anyway, totally off topic.  I'm just letting off steam built up from
using WinXP on a daily (work-day, at least) basis ;)

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