Pedro Kiefer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> As a gimp user I've always missed two things, both related to layers.
> One is not having an option of locking a layer. The other is not being
> able to group layers, so that I can hide / show all the layers inside
> the group. Both of this appears as bugs in bugzilla. The first one dates
> back to 2001 [1], the other is from 2002 [2]. So I came to ask, is this,
> apart from the bugs reports, being worked on? If it's not, how can I
> contribute? I'm no expert in gdk / gtk programming, but I'm willing to
> learn whatever it takes to get these features in gimp. With that said, I
> would like to know where should I start? Could someone mentorship me?

You could start by making a nice proposal, perhaps including a mockup
of how the user interface for this should look like and how it should
behave. We can then help you to implement this, perhaps starting with
layer locking since that is probably going to be easier.

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