Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I am sorry, but you can't put the lock at the end of the row. It would
> become invisible as soon as one layer has a longer name.
> I also think that it will clutter the rows too much if we move it to
> the front. Perhaps consider to add it on the top of the dialog with
> the opacity slider and the "Lock Alpha Channel" toggle ?

I don't think this is practical. In Skencil I use locking of layers
as a method to quickly protect the layers of the objects I am not using.
However, that means that I iterate over the column of the layer locking
buttons and decide if I want to change that layer or not.

Having to individually select the layers and then toggle the button
somewhere else makes this feature basically useless.

Also we should consider making the layers "not selectable" in the layers
dialog if they are locked. This removes a source of confusion ("why
doesn't this work") and gives immediate additional feedback about the
locking. However, it requires the locking button in the layer row

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