[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-06-26 at 1517.52 +0200):
> This PDF has a lot more screenshots and shows a more uptodate view of
> the Layers dialog on page 23:
>  http://www.photoshopsupport.com/ib-pdf-02/vqs-chapter01.pdf

Interesting, it shows things on both sides, and one of the front is
multipurpose (chain or paintbrush icon). So I wonder how that works,
cos the view one can be toggle there, even doing a drag can toggle
multiple layers (gimp can not do it, only click click a lot)... but
the multipurpose... and what happens in case of multiple modes?

So if this is for inspiration, is there someone with access to the
program that could do a description of how it looks _and_ how it
behaves (showing states, avaliable actions over the controls, etc)? To
get the full idea.

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