Simon Budig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Ok, replace "proposed solution" with "suggested placement of the button"
> or whatever. Do you have an example use case where the user would
> benefit from that placement?

Alice and Bob are looking for the layer named "Foobar".

Due to the introduction of three new toggles in each row of the layer
list and the inclusion of the opacity slider (after all it belongs
there, doesn't it?), Alice needs to scroll the view horizontally in
order to see the layer names.  Alternatively she could make the layers
dialog a lot wider.

Bob uses a different layout. Only the visibility and linked toggles
are in the row. The controls for opacity and state of the different
locks are placed above the layer list. Bob can easily identify the
layer he's looking for w/o having to scroll horizontally.

> But IMHO it is important to be able to quickly toggle the locking
> for multiple layers.

How is it important? Do you have an example use case?

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