[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-06-27 at 1117.03 +0200):
> The fact your targets only appear after an initial action slows you 
> down. Icons/Checkboxes above the list might be faster to handle, 
> because you see them right away.
See below.

> > If either of these get checked, an apropriate icon (which could be 
> > always the same) would  displayed in that place.
> It's usualy difficult enough to convey a single action or state with 
> an icon, but trying to combine 4 aspects with all possible combinations?
> The only possibility I see are 4 mini icons in the space of one, most 
> likely making for a nice pixel salad.
> I'm all for icons above the list.

That is only fast for single layer, as soon as it has to be performed
in multiple layers, it is slow also (select layer, move cursor, click
icons, move to select next layer...). Current method is not the
fastest, but this would surely make it slower.

I think Simon mockup is fine, if the icons take the non used space, so
they scale up based in the previews (bigger previews, bigger icons
too, or at least bigger action area, the ones in preview are like
checkboxes). It could also solve the issue of layer masks, by putting
a link (apply mask) and eye (show mask instead) icons, one above the
other, between the previews.

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