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> Hi,
> So since planet.gnome.org was down, I went over to planetkde.org to see
> what was happening over there, and I saw this blog entry:
> http://www.valdyas.org/fading/index.cgi/hacking/krita/16bits.html
> "Yesterday, Krita reached a major milestone. We can now load, manipulate
> and save rgba images with 16 bits to the channel."
> I thought that might interest some of you - we're not the only game in
> town anymore, I think.

It is worth mentioning that Krita is intended for Painting, more along the
lines of Corel Painter and their stated interest is in creating new images
with realstic painting effects, more so than Image Manipulation although
there will be overlap.

Krita uses ImageMagick to allow it to support more file formats, in
particularly the GIMP native XCF.  There may be opportunities for both
projects to help each other by sharing resources like brushes, gradients
and patterns at least or maybe more.

I think the true strength of Krita will be tight integration with the rest
of the KOffice suite, particularly the Karbon 14 Drawing application.
A suite makes it easier to simply take it all and that gives added

Although Krita, formerly Krayon, formerly KImageshop has been around for
many years it has not been actively developed all that time and the
maintainer describes it as still a young app with lots of work to do.

I've really been wanting to give Krita try but I've had troubles getting
it to build.

Certainly worth keeping an eye on.


Alan Horkan

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