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> If I would like to use the gimp functionality in a
> separate application, what do I need to link? I assume
> libgimpbase etc, but is there a complete list?

Here's a list of all the libraries in 2.3.2:

> Basically, suppose that I want to create an image
> programatically, do something gimpy with it, and save
> it to hard disk. I want to be able to distribute this
> program and not expect that the user has gtk and gimp
> installed.

Unfortunately, this is currently not feasable without considerable
butcher work on your part.  Gimp's libraries are mostly intended to be
used to share code needed by both plug-ins and the core.  While much
of what is in libraries other than libgimp and libgimpmodule can be
useful for other programs as well, it sounds like they probably don't
have what you are interested in.

Being able to use gimp routines in other programs without having to
invoke a separate gimp process is interesting to me personally, and
probably to other gimp developers as well.  I have no doubt that the
best way to achieve this is to focus on the GEGL backend library that
gimp developers are presently working on; if you are interested, your
help in completing GEGL is much appreciated.

As a more short-term option, you might consider looking into
gimp-console, the UI-free version of gimp suitable for servers. 
Gimp-console itself does not depend on gtk at all, although if you
wish to use any gimp plugins with it, you probably will need gtk

Sorry we couldn't be of more help, but think of this as an opportunity
to help us improve gimp!

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