On 7/1/05, Jan Prach <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   Hi Gimps,
>  Is GEGL alive or not?

GeGL is alive, and unlike say, six months ago, is not even in a coma. :)

>  I like gimp. I feel very limited by 8 bit color depth in gimp for a
> quite some time. I'm going to start my diploma thesis. It'll be about
> HDR (high dynamic range) images. If the idea of GEGL is alive I'd like
> very much to contribute.


>  I've read that you have realized 8bits are not enough for the future
> during the GUADEC. Than I saw some activity in GEGL cvs. I've also read
> something about gggl. I'd like to see those ideas working in gimp.

GIMP is currently understaffed and has been for a while.  But we
definately are still committed to getting gegl to be more than a pipe
dream.  Actually, a directed acyclic graph dream.

>  The question is: Are you going to move gimp forward with GEGL or just
> dispute KDEification?

Well, try not to put it as a mutually exclusive choice.  Flamewars are
so much fun, you know. :)

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