Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I knew the Toys: GeeZoom, and Gee Slime; were Easter eggs but I've never
> looked for or accidentally discovered any easter eggs in the GIMP.

I should perhaps reveal some of the older ones then ...

You used to get a window with the Slimy Gee effect for the current
image by saving it with the .eeeek extensions (any sufficiently large
number of e's will do). This was with GIMP 1.2 IIRC.

There also used to be more fun in the About dialog. Typing the right
word there you could get the "Is it still there" Wilber appear on each
new image you opened. Very scary.

We should definitely add some new things for GIMP 2.4. If someone has
a nice idea, try to sneak it into CVS unnoticed...

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