Andrei Simion <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> And there is other tool like GIMP Dynamic Text to work in Gimp 2.2? I
> need basically to wrap the text when the line is bigger than the size
> of the layer.

The new text tool will attempt to load GIMP Dynamic Text layers from
your old XCF files. It also provides multiline text. What it doesn't
provide yet, is the ability to specify a fixed layer width and have
the text broken wrapped into that. That is however planned.

Since I seem not to get around to implement it, perhaps someone else
wants to look into adding the missing pieces? Quite a bit of the
required functionality is already there, since this feature has always
been foreseen. What's missing is mostly the tool code. I haven't
looked at this in detail, but I think it should be possible to add
this by deriving the text tool from the new rectangle tool. If anyone
is interested, let me know. I will then try to explain the text
properties that exist for this purpose. I hope that the existing text
infrastructure will be capable of handling this feature w/o any
incompatible changes to the gimp-text parasite.

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