Sven Neumann wrote:


Andrei Simion <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

You are deleting the images, aren't you?

No, in all tutorials I read they return the image to be saved at the
end of the main method in the script.

So you are creating images and you never delete them. And it surprises
you that you are using up the available memory??

The situation is like this: I return the image at the end of the script. I tried to save the image, you can see this from the example I sent, but that method call doesn't work, I got an error. Could you please let me know what is wrong with the &gimp_file_save call (it is currently commented out)?

If I return the image, I cannot delete it prior to returning and this is why I try to save it from inside the script.

Please have a look in the code I sent you and let me know what is wrong.



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