Arnaud Darmont writes:
 > It seems that i'm missing some lib files from gimp 
 > and gtk2+. I don't want to build those softwares completely, could someone 
 > send me the necessary LIBs?

Go to for developer packages
(headers, import libraries) for GTK+, Pango, atk and GLib. You will
also need the gettext package if I recall correctly. Also get the
pkg-config package.

Fetch for GIMP headers and
import libraries. (Although is says 2.2.7, this should work fine for
GIMP 2.2.8, too, as the API doesn't change.)

The easiest (IMHO) way to compile a (simple) GIMP plug-in is with the
gimptool command (gimptool-2.0.exe) included in the above gimp-dev
zipfile. Assuming your environment is set up sensibly, the command:

gimptool-2.0 --build plugin.c 

should compile and link the GIMP plu-in plugin.c. No need for any IDE
where you have to set include paths and libraries manually.

(But the requirement that the environment is set up sensibly is
perhaps a stumbling block...)


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