* michael chang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> On 8/5/05, Axel Philipsenburg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Michael mentioned that Gimp Plug-Ins might not be able to allow further
>> manipulation to the image while running because they hog the dialog focus.
> I guess I should have mentioned I wasn't 100% sure with this. 

FWIW, I was able to run a gaussian blur plugin _and_ draw onto image at
the same time. Changes also propagate into plugin preview (if only I
draw into different cache block than what is shown in preview, this
could be a bug?).

> However, I will note, on my 2.4 GHz Intel Celeron, it has been nearly
> impossible for me to multitask when running a plugin (they're too CPU
> intensive) -- and OpenGL wouldn't be feisable for me either because I
> don't have a high-end graphics card.

IMHO this kind of usage would be made feasible even by a Mesa on 200MHz
machine as this doesn't really need a lot of interactivity (=FPS). And
if you need interacivity (for example preview of animated model), it's
likely you already have adequate 3D card. And if you're UV-mapping model
that under 5 years old card can't render at over 10FPS even without
other environment, you have bigger problems.

>> If that's truely the case, then the plug-in approach on this tool seems 
>> doomed
>> anyway. There is not much sense if you need to call the plug-in from a menu
>> everytime you changed the texture somewhat.
> I don't see why I can't float the plug-in's menu and keep clicking the
> button though.

plugin-callback for changed data shouldn't be an impossible or over-the
edge feature.

It could also be a 'filter':
 - open image
 - <View>->New view
 - <View>->Display filters
   - and here would be a 'UV mapping' filter.

This venue could prove interesting as it could also be used as
high-speed trilinear filtering system (ie. display several polygons
mapped with image data, and just scale them to be shown in needed size
onscreen), harware would then drive rescaling and filtering. This would
only need 'all-forward' UV mapping on a surface that fills viewport.
(That was, btw, talking out of my a** as I know nothing about how gimp
currently handles display filtering. It seems to get lots of moire when
displaying 11Mpix image with 18% magnification, gimp 2.2.8)

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