On 8/5/05, Pasi Savolainen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> * michael chang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > On 8/5/05, Axel Philipsenburg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> Michael mentioned that Gimp Plug-Ins might not be able to allow further
> >> manipulation to the image while running because they hog the dialog focus.
> >
> > I guess I should have mentioned I wasn't 100% sure with this.
> FWIW, I was able to run a gaussian blur plugin _and_ draw onto image at
> the same time. Changes also propagate into plugin preview (if only I
> draw into different cache block than what is shown in preview, this
> could be a bug?).

Run Gaussian Blur, have it back in the plugin view; but would you be
able to click "apply" or whatever and draw at the same time?  I can't
think how. *shrugs*  Then again, maybe there won't be a "Apply" button

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