On Mon, 2005-08-08 at 23:31 -0700, Hal V. Engel wrote:
>   View  ==> Print Simulation (or SoftProof or Proof Setup?) 
>     (currently is located in View ==> Display Filters which is
>       Simulation (SoftProof or Proof?) Mode on or off (radio button or
check box)
>       Printer Profile (drop down use profile path to get list)
>       Rendering Intent (drop down)
>       Black Point comp (check box)
>       Use Paper White (check box) (new - low priority)
>       Use Ink Black (check box) (new - low priority)

Just some notes for anyone thinking about implementing some of this:

Black point compensation is not a part of the ICC specification and is
not currently available in any icc library that I know of.

Use paper white:  requires ink black to be on also.  Use an absolute
colorimetric transform.

Use ink black: I belive this option would be pretty simular to using an
absolute colorimetric transform for the shadow, and a relative
colorimetric transform for the highlight.  I know this is possible with
the argyll cms library, but I'm not sure about any others. (see the -w
option to icclink)

Neither ink black or paper white is on:  Use a relative colorimetric

IMHO: Rather than trying to duplicate adobe's black point compensation,
I think our time would be better spent exploiting argyll's device link
profiles and image specific gamut mapping capabilities. 

more info on argyll at http://www.argyllcms.com

Jay Cox

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